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White Paper Series #6


Route Your Field Workforce for Greater Productivity

Learn how the routing methodology your field service management solution employs can make an enormous difference in mobile workforce productivity.

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How does street-level routing compare with time-based routing in accurately estimating travel times?

Routing methodology – the procedure for plotting a path from point A to point B and estimating the travel time – profoundly affects scheduling for field service personnel.

In this whitepaper the authors examine the pros and cons of three distinct routing methodologies:

  • Linear-distance routing - also known as “as-the-crow-flies” routing. The easiest to understand of the three, it serves as an entry point for discussing the intricacies of the others.
  • Street-level routing - a traditional approach that is used by Google Maps, most field service management solutions and many other applications.
  • Time-based routing - a new method that incorporates variables that can impact travel times in addition to distances covered

Download this white paper to learn the differences between routing methodologies used by automated solutions for field service management.